I am home

by Jessica Faye Hinton on October 20, 2011

I met today’s guest poster, Kim, of Mama’s Monologues through the 2011 Ultimate Blog Party, hosted by 5 minutes for mom.

In all the bloggers that I met and followed through that great party, Kim is one whose blog and story as a stay at home mom of three boys and Rapper extraordinaire is one that has continued to keep me interested. Along with writing moving posts (like the one she’s sharing today) and connecting with her readers, Kim is a twitter queen, someone you should get to know…fast! I’m so happy that Kim is guest posting here today!


I am home

By Kim of Mama’s Monologues

He playfully goes about his day, growing more independent as time moves forward.

He’s mastering skills by himself. He has the desire to try things on his own.

He is becoming aware of the vast world around him.

His laughter is heard, erupting through the house. It warms my heart as I look up at him, proud of the new task he just accomplished.

He carries on with his play, exploring and learning.

Then he stumbles. He encounters an unknown and isn’t quite sure of how to master it.

He tries, and the frustration is rising in his small two year old little body.

He searches for an answer, a solution he is having trouble finding.

His heart beats faster and I can almost see the nerves standing on end in him.

He turns, quickly scanning the room until he spots me. He toddles over, with a worried look splattered across his sweet little boy face.

He needs help and looks to me.

He looks to me to pick him up when he falls down.

He looks to me for an answer he can’t quite reveal.

He looks to me to find safety. Security. And love.

I am his teacher, his guide and his friend.

To him, I am safe. I am secure.

I am home.

I am the home that will provide stability when the outside world seems unsteady.

I am the home that will always provide for you, no matter obstacles the outside world throws in your path.

I am the home that will show you answers when every book has closed its cover.

I am the home that will pour you love when you are just being you.

I am home.


Thank you again Kim for sharing this lovely post with my readers!


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