How to Make Your Husband Love You More (Part 2)

by Jessica Faye Hinton on July 25, 2012

I get a lot of traffic to this blog from a humorous post I wrote awhile back called, “How to Make Your Husband Love You More.”

Before you click on it, let me first say this, you know how you write something funny, but the title’s “how to” would suggest that it’s serious. But it’s really not serious, but people may think it is (or will be) if they don’t know you or read your blog and hate you, subsequently, for fooling them into clicking a link they were interested in for something other than a laugh?


That’s that post.

It’s a sarcastic, funny post naming 10 things that you really should not do to make your husband love you more.

Number one on the list? Compare him to your friend’s husband or, better yet, to husbands of your favorite movie stars. In case you’re wondering, that’s a joke. All 10 on that list are a joke.

How can you make your husband more? Really?

I don’t think you can make someone love you more. I mean, can you make yourself love someone more if you don’t already? I don’t think I could, and that’s why that post was a joke.

Seriously, you can’t make love happen in a marriage if it’s not already happening. You can do things to nurture yourself, your marriage, and do other things in the name of love, but if it (or love) is not there, then you can’t make it be there, you know? Or, at least that’s what I think after six years of marriage.

The thing that I think is really downplayed when you’re pregnant with your first child is just how much your marriage can change when you have a child. It’s downplayed that you will change, that your spouse will change, and that in your changing something happens in your marriage.

Marriages change after children, at least mine did.

Our love is different now, more grounded now, because, I think, children have given us a more beautiful lens from which to see our ourselves and our relationship with each other.

We love each other more now because we’ve braved parenting together. We are decidedly getting through it together. We want to make our marriage work, so we’re making it work.

That’s all. I’m off my soapbox. And for anyone here from Google, I can be genuinely funny sometimes. Really.

What do you think. Can you make your spouse love you more?

In case your wondering, today was a Clicking Series day, but due to a failing memory card that didn’t happen. Boo! I know. I know. But do check back tomorrow where I’ll be naming 11 habits of awesome photographers! Here’s one of the pictures from the post that did manage to make it on to my computer.

 Yeah. She’s covered in food, but so darn cute! So, will I see you tomorrow? Hmm? (blink blink) I really hope so!:-)


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