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by Jessica Faye Hinton on November 29, 2012

…have staged a walk-out. I always have a voice in my head that speaks for the assumed audience of this blog. That voice, recently, has been asking where my kids are. “We miss their cute faces!” This voice may not exist in real life, but in my head it does and it is to this voice that I write this post.

My oldest daughter only wants her picture taken when she’s wearing underwear or lipstick, or usually a combination of the two and “eye” makeup. And when she’s wearing her “camera look,” she wants to pose, and not like a normal “child” pose. And my littlest one, who really doesn’t look little anymore, has decided to look confused and put her fingers in her mouth whenever I point the camera at her. It’s like she’s saying in her pictures, “Mommy. Again? You haven’t figured out I don’t want that thing in my face yet?”

I do get pictures of them that work “offline” but online where their future employers may be able to hypothetical “find” them? Eh, not so much.

I knew this when I decided to take my camera to the park yesterday with the purpose of taking pictures of my girls in action. But I was optimistic.

But they wouldn’t tolerate it. “No. Mommy. It’s too much!” said my oldest when I tried to get in close, which is necessary when you only have a prime lens.

To this I replied, “What’s too much?” “It’s too much pictures. Stop!!”

So, I took pictures of inanimate objects like leaves instead.


So, hopefully, one day soon they’ll be back. :) In the meantime, my new models have been great to work with.


Do your children cooperate for pictures? How? And would they be willing to talk to my children?

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