I’ll look back on this…

by Jessica Faye Hinton on February 28, 2013

because I decided to live it

Sometimes, I do think about the legacy of the things I do online. Sometimes, I do think about old posts that I’ve written and second guess myself about posts to be written. But I’m learning that in order to enjoy this fully, I must just do it fully.

I was reminded of this through several emails in the past month from readers of this blog, readers who just stumbled in from some old post that had a keyword that they were searching for.

These readers will read my post and sometimes they leave a comment, but other times they’ll send an email. Sometimes it’s an email asking for advice or help or just support. Other times it’s just to say “hi, I exist and agree with what you said a year ago.”

I live for these kinds of emails because they remind me of the good of this, or this blog and opening yourself up online. I do look back on some posts I’ve written for this blog, and I do, at times, cringe at my ignorance, my naivete, my arrogance.

I would like to think that who I am today is who I always was, that I was always confident and aware that police officers don’t have to make exceptions for parents, but that’s not true. Or, it wasn’t true for me always.

I can’t say that I always know why I blog, but when I get emails on old posts, then I get it. I do this because it feels right, usually. And even if in sharing the things that feel right, I reveal myself to be crazy or silly or naive or immature, I am, at least, being honest about my life as I lived it at any given moment. So, for that, or that I have this place to remember where I have “lived” and to share where I am “living”….for that I am thankful.

Do you know why you blog? What are your reasons? Have they changed since you started blogging?

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