Finding Happiness in the Snow

by Jessica Faye Hinton on February 14, 2014

Along with most of the East coast, we’ve been hit by snow.


Lots and lots of snow. More than we’ve received all season.


I’m usually an adult when it comes to snow. I hate it, or I don’t hate it, but I hate being in it. It’s cold and wet and gets in the way of my car pulling out of the driveway.

But my children don’t feel the same way. Like most children who see snow and see its better “half,” they love the snow.


So whenever it does snow, even if only an inch, they beg to go out in it, play in it. “It will be fun,” they say. And I usually don’t believe them but end up outside anyway, usually in my pajamas wrapped beneath my down coat and hopes that this “just be over soon!”


Months before today, I read a book called, “The Happiness Project” by Gretchen Rubin. In the book, she documents her year long journey to be happier. One of many, many lessons I took from the book is that part of being happy is sometimes faking happiness. It’s our attitude that sets the precedent for our behaviors, and, thus, our lives. If we live lightly, if we open ourselves up to enjoying the moments we dread, if we decide to lead with happiness..then so our lives will be, happier, light, enjoyable.

I have, over the years, become something of a curmudgeon, not necessarily towards my children, but towards everything and everyone else. I complain about things, things I hate, things that feel uncomfortable, things that make me feel too vulnerable, I’ve realized, because I think that complaining will make me feel better about that said thing.


But, you know what? Complaining only makes you feel worse. It makes you feel unhappy and hard and miserable.

So, today, in the snow, I decided to “fake it.”


I initiated this snow man, which is big, since I usually feign ignorance when my children ask to find accessories and body parts for their created friends in the snow. I faked it until I was able to let go and just enjoy this moment, this snow man, this snow. And…it felt good.


So, about the snow. I think I like it now. I think.


Happy Friday and Valentines all! Stay warm! xo.

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