Homemade “Pudding” Paint Recipe

by Jessica Faye Hinton on April 16, 2014

Mix pre-made vanilla pudding and food coloring and voila! You've made paint that looks as good as it tastes.

So, after making my last homemade paint recipe from Pinterest last month, I vowed to never again use all the ingredients in my pantry on something like paint. I  made a “simple” recipe that fateful day in March. I made it using like 2 cups of flour, 2 cups of water, and all these other things that could have been used for the dinner…I didn’t end up making.

And the paint turned out like crap. It was thick and like toothpaste. This and this paint recipe was pinned over a thousand times. One thousand times!!! (How does this happen? Or how do 1,000 people pin something that only makes for a good pinnable image. Wait. I know the answer to that.)

But my toddlers don’t or that the paint we slaved away on was crap. Fun to make but crap.  Being the good sports they are, they tried painting with the bad paint. But then their paint kept getting stuck on their paint brush bristles, making it impossible for the Princess Strawberry Shortcake they imagined in their little brain to come to fruition on paper. So, naturally, in frustration, painting time turned into eating time. And when that got old, eating time, turned into throw said paint on the kitchen floor. This took all of 10 minutes. 10 minutes! 10 minutes using ingredients that were for that dinner I didn’t make. And after 10 minutes they still wanted to paint. But there was no paint. The paint we made was on the floor and I had no more flour to waste 20 minutes of my life, again.

So that’s when I saw the uneaten, possibly, expired, vanilla pudding in my pantry and thought, “Why not?” So I mixed the pudding with food coloring and we had paint that actually could be painted on a piece of paper.

That’s it. I wish I could make it sound more complicated to convey my effort, but I can’t. I made paint with two ingredients and my kids liked it. And I think yours will, too.

pudding paint recipe

To make, simply add food color to your pudding. More food coloring equals stronger colors. And less food coloring equals subdued, pastel like tones. The “paint” made from this recipe is not only easy to make and use, it’s also really good (or, so my toddlers say).

The moral the story is this. Use what you’ve got and that while it’s good to sometimes follow the lead of the creative, crafty geniuses of Pinterest. Sometimes it’s good, necessary even, to remember that you have a brain, too. That you, too, can be creative and mix something up wonderful in your kitchen using the uneaten pudding in your pantry.

Have you ever experienced a “Pinterest fail”? What were you trying to make and what made it so bad?




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