Hello. My name is Jessica F. Hinton. I am a mother, writer, and blogger and amazing maker of scrambled eggs…with eggs. Seriously.

Along with my prowess with a frying pan and knack for reading Dr. Seuss books aloud to my three daughters, I work with writers and businesses and entrepreneurs to use words to change the world. Yes, that’s right…change the world.

I used to author a blog called Mommyhood NEXT RIGHT where I wrote mainly about motherhood and being a new parent, what not to do during your children’s naptimes, and the awkwardness of meeting parents at local parks. That blog is this one now but in the process of calling myself a writer, things have changed a bit around here.

Now I write mostly about finding yourself and your happiness through pursuing creative things. I write about things that have inspired me to pursue my creative “things,” and that I hope will inspire others to be so courageous and do the same.

My creative thing is being a writer. I do this alongside my very important work of being a parent, being a mother.
I like happy, inspirational things, words, and ideas, from, usually, amazing women who are also, in most cases, writers, too. I like redemptive thoughts and ideas because I’ve been to the bottom before. And it ain’t pretty.
I was there, or at my bottom, for much of my twenties. I was arrogant but also very insecure and afraid. And I was unhappy.

I was afraid of that hard floor so I did things to stay away from it at all costs. I went to graduate school. I had a “great” resume. I did everything “right.”

But in 2010, I was on the floor, crying and afraid,  faced with the stark reality that in becoming a mother, I became removed from the clouds of ego, and thoughts of the person I had to become by 30, the person with bags of money, a career, a novel published,  fame, accolades, etc…to be someone wonderful, interesting, worthy.

Now in my thirties, and without any of these things, I should be a failure. But…I’m not a failure.

Part of getting older and being humbled by children has been learning that failure is a good thing because in failing at the things you thought you needed to define you, you grow stronger and your sense of purpose becomes more clear.

You become happier.

So, this is me at the core, but superficially, you should also know these things:

I like horribly trashy reality TV, crime shows, and clean bathrooms (really clean bathrooms).

I am unemployed (technically), but I alternate between entering “homemaker” and “human raiser” when filling out my taxes.

I am a senior editor at Baby Gizmo and a contributor over at MommyNoire and xoJane.

I contribute to Huffington Post.

I like baked goods.

I am really into politics and reading novels that are, usually, written by women who are mothers.

For answers to any other questions you may have about me, please do contact me. I’m really nice online and in real life. I know some people say this because it’s the lingo of new online relationships, but really. I’m really a nice person. I attribute this to how I was raised and good genetics. :)