About This Blog

I really started this blog because I wanted a place to write about the things that interest me most, or writing, motherhood, and fearless living. These three, seemingly disparate topics, I promise, do come together on this blog. Really. You don’t believe me? Okay, so, hear me out.

My story is colored by my experiences as a mother. I became a capital “W” writer when I stopped trying to convince myself, from the floor, that I wasn’t good enough to be a writer and that my life was going to end at 30.

I became someone else when my yearning to be the person I knew in my head, but never admitted aloud, I really wanted to be seemed stronger than the fear that held me back. I became a writer. But I didn’t just become a writer out of nowhere. It kind of happened when I started to take myself seriously as a woman. It happened when I decided to stop making excuses and waiting for wonderful things to happen because I felt like I was a wonderful person who deserved someone to say “Okay. Now. You deserve it.” You deserve to have a book deal. You deserve happiness. You deserve “perfect” children.

But this kind of thing doesn’t happen. To be a writer, in the same way that it is to be a parent or anything else in life that’s worth something big to you, you have to anticipate hard work.

Some people do get lucky and stumble into millions of dollars in publishing bonuses on account of some diary entry they happened to leave behind at a gas station. (Disclaimer: This is NOT a true story.) But, most of us, as in 99% of us, have to work to get where we want to go.

So, this blog is mostly about that, or about the work I do as a writer, i.e., learn to accept rejection, send out pitches, wait, send out more pitches, and wait. It’s also about how I do my work.

But…a big part of my story as a writer is that I’m a mother, too. I said it before, and I should say it again that writing is my icing and motherhood is my cake. I do writing around everything else I do as a mother because at the end of the day, knowing that I was here for this time with my girls is more important to me than a book deal. *gasps. I know. I surprise myself with this admission, but it’s true. I do, however, take my writing seriously and do plan, one day, to make a full-time career of it.

So, yeah, I’ll talk about mostly about being a writer, and a mother, and I’ll likely include some stuff on my expensive photography hobby.

But mostly, the gist of this site is that a woman who had a huge ego decided with children to become fearless and pursue her dreams of becoming this person who did amazing things…like write and raise real people.

That’s all.