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Being Patient

Wednesday, November 6th, 2013

Usually, at any given time, there are a million and one things that I’d like to do in my life.

I would like, at this moment to…

…write a novel.

…start a business.

…be a good mother.

….take a nap.

…pitch an essay on my dad’s death.

…figure out how to integrate this blog with my other blog better.

…become a better cook.

….perhaps, enter a cooking contest.

…post here more often.

…get in shape.

…get a better wardrobe.

But there’s only so much one can do before they do insane, so there’s a necessity for me, for us all, to take things one at a time. Do what we can and be okay with everything that we can’t. We must be patient then as we focus on some things while deciding that others can be saved for later.


How do you practice being a patient person when it comes to your dreams, ambitions, and daily desires? Are you like me: Trying and aspiring for 1,000,000 stars at once?

beautiful insides

Monday, August 6th, 2012

The most beautiful things have beautiful insides.

They bleed.

They laugh. They cry.

They speak…truth, deeply.

They are deep with ridges that you can run your fingers on and through and form a mental memory of what they feel like.


The most beautiful things are unknown, undiscovered, beneath things, hidden, lost and never to be found, priceless. They are shiny and dull and new and old and sometimes mistaken as anything but what they really are.

The most beautiful things are accessible and unavailable. They are inside and precious and protected from prying hands on the outside.

The most beautiful things don’t know they’re beautiful. They can’t speak words of beauty because the most beautiful things as it relates to themselves because they can’t see themselves.

They are humble in that way.

The most beautiful things are on the inside.