Tell The Untold Story Inside You

by Jessica Faye Hinton on March 19, 2015

Every so often, I am asked how I decide what to “share” online, in my writings. Usually, the person asking this asks this because they have things they’d like to write about, talk about online. But they don’t write or talk about these things online or anywhere public out of fear over people knowing too […]


Forget Yesterday. Wear What Feels Good Today.

by Jessica Faye Hinton on February 13, 2015

  Forget yesterday. It has already forgotten you. Don’t sweat tomorrow. You haven’t even met. Instead, open your eyes, and your heart to a truly precious gift; today. I have been meaning to write here more often about how I writing more often. But I have not found the time to say these words. Or […]


Talking About Police With My Daughter

by Jessica Faye Hinton on December 5, 2014

If you follow me on Twitter, Facebook, or Google+ then you probably already know that an essay of mine was published on The Washington Post on Wednesday. If you didn’t already know, that essay is about how I’m learning to talk to my four-year old about police. It wasn’t an easy essay to write. Whenever I write […]


How I Made Room For Mother Writers In “The War of Art’

by Jessica Faye Hinton on November 18, 2014

  If you are a writer. If you are a blogger. If you have a social media account, then you have likely heard of a book called “The War of Art” by Steven Pressenfield. If you’ve never read this book but have only read reviews of this book, then you likely have already been mentally […]


writer friends, i need your help

by Jessica Faye Hinton on July 20, 2012

So, remember that novel that I’ve been talking about on this blog for the longest time? In case you don’t. I started it about four years ago and kind of left it when my life got more hectic. I’ve wanted to return to it, but I never have out of fear of not liking anything […]