September 19th, 2014

25 Things To Remember If You’re Having a Bad Day

Not every day is my best day in life. Some days, I go to sleep in a bad mood, often, inspired by something in my life, and wake up that way in the morning or worse.

I used to feel bad about having bad days. I used to beat myself up for my bad days because I believed that they were my fault, a sign of my inability to handle stresses in my life.

Back then, or when I felt bad about my bad days, rather than attempting to process why I was having a bad day, I immediately would judge myself as being weak. “Normal people don’t have bad days,” I would tell myself. “Happy people don’t have bad days.”

But these statements I’ve been telling myself for years are not true.

Bad days happen to everyone.

Now that I’m older and wiser, I am more able to embrace my bad days as a part of my normal life. I take them in stride, accepting them as temporary and good opportunities for me to grow, reflect, and decide to do things differently.

I think doing this is now easier for me because I have learned the power of positive self talk when times are tough. I don’t run away from my feelings on bad days. I’ve learned that trying to ignore my feelings or numb them only makes things worse. So now I give myself permission to feel them. I feel them and write about them in a journal and keep in mind these 25 important things:

a bad day doesn't mean

1. A bad day doesn’t mean you have a bad life.

2. You are worthy of self-love and compassion.

3. It’s okay to make mistakes, to be uncertain, to not know.

4. Your character is make rich and deep by your hardships.

5.You have a good life, full of blessings that are worthy of your celebration.

6. You are okay.

7. You will be okay.

8. And in the end, it will all be okay.

9. A rain cloud can’t overshadow your beauty.

today was a bad day


10. Today was a bad day. Tomorrow will be different.

11. It’s okay to smile in hard times.

12. You can be thankful for today even though it feels hard. Yesterday is gone and tomorrow is not promised.

13. Your happiness does not rest in your circumstances. It’s carried in your hands.

14. You can trust in life’s process.

15. Good things are always on the horizon for those with the vision to see them.

16. Your life is a divine miracle worthy of celebration.

not broken

17. You may be hurt. But you are not broken.

18. The story of your life continues to be written with each breath.

19. The world needs your light to shine.

20. You are bigger than your problems.

21. Nothing is as impossible as it seems.

22.You are here on earth for a reason.

23.You are someone’s sunshine.

24. You are strong.

25. You have much to be grateful for.

What are some things you tell yourself on bad days to keep things in perspective?

September 10th, 2014

Don’t Look For Love

don't look for love

It’s funny how this works, right? But it really does work. When you give love, like real love the kind given from the heart with with no expectation of anything in return, you always get it back. It may not always come back in the form that you think it should come, but love always comes back. So give more love and I promise you will feel more love. ♥ Jessica

September 8th, 2014

Never Let The Fear of Striking Out


never let the fear of striking out

Often in the midst of teaching my children important life lessons, I teach myself, too.

This lesson from Babe Ruth is big in my parenting brain right now because so much of what my children are doing, from walking to reading to climbing slides involves believing in their own abilities enough to continue on even when they fail.

Failure, I’ve learned in “coaching” them through their own mini failures is not a reason to give up. It’s not indicative of your abilities or the possibilities for you should you try again.

I’ve been telling my children this since their births, but it wasn’t until this year that I started to take my own words seriously in my own life. It wasn’t until this year that I started to see just how often I, when faced with adversity, just give up usually with many excuses (made up) for why I gave up.

But then, in committing to courage this year, I decided to undo this habit of mine and be different. And it was in living this lesson that I so desperately want to teach my children, that I got it.

You should try again even when your pitch is rejected, even when you don’t get that requested pay raise, even when you lose, even when “outcomes” are uncertain because it’s worth. You’re worth it.

Not giving up even when you fail or strike out…that’s persistence. Persistence in the face of failure…that defines success.

Do you also find yourself teaching yourself new life skills when teaching your children?

September 4th, 2014

Where The Sidewalk Ends


there is a placeExcerpt from one of my favorite childhood poems by Shel Silverstein: Where the Sidewalk Ends. 

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September 3rd, 2014

Always Flowers


“There are always flowers for those who want to see them.” Henri Matisse

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