Become a better writer

The best writers are those writers who can writer clearly. They have good grammar and can construct good sentences, but the best of them have easy paths from their heads and hearts to their pens and keyboards. They are comfortable with their minds and have a kind of, seemingly, effortless ability to speak without any fears or reservation.

How do get there, or how do writers become able to write from head and heart to paper and keyboard? If I were a salesperson, I would probably pitch a book I have on the topic. But since I’m not and since I’m in this with you, I can only speak from experience when I say that in order to get better there’s only one thing I know that works.

The only thing that you NEED to do to become a better writer is write everyday.

Start writing for five minutes, unedited, each and every day.

Write without a goal in mind and without an agenda, just write.

Start a blog for the purpose or just open a private  journal and just write.

I have been writing daily for the past year. I chronicle just a few of my daily writings on my blog, The Short Little Bits. I started it because I wanted to try to write for an audience and still hold on to all of me, if that makes sense.

I had gotten to a place in my writing where I no longer felt inspired. I was taking myself too seriously and felt like I wasn’t really writing for me anymore. I was writing instead to this audience in my head that, I thought at the time, expected nothing less than perfection of me. I wrote from a place of fear, usually, and uncertainty of self and my ideas.

Through writing daily for five minutes a day, I became a better writer.

So what are the benefits of writing daily?

In writing so often, you will be able to figure out what things are encumbering your writings, and, ultimately, your lives. Is it fear? Is it a perception that others do not value you? Is it a sense of worthlessness? Is it a childhood teacher who said they were horrible at making sentences? Whatever it is, the goal is to find it as it root and explore it and how it manifests itself in your writings.

In just five minutes a day, I became a better writer. I became more efficient. After months of writing daily, I found it easier to come up with story ideas and write in less time and with fewer grammatical errors. I also was able to reconnect with the writer I always wanted to be. I became more confident and began pitching more publications because I was more confident in who I was, not only as a writer but also as a woman and mother.